Pixonoid | About
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Pixonoid is a Design and Creative Studio

Passionate about Pixel Perfect Experiences

Pixonoid | pix·o·noid | Pixel Mind

“to think and breath in pixels”

My name is Tom Schillinger, I am a multidisciplinary designer delivering high quality content
on almost every available platform, making a difference for my clients.


To make sure my clients always get the best available solution and quality
i offer a network consisting of very talented people from design, software development,
graphics coding, concept, film, illustration, gaming and UI/UX.


Have a look around my portfolio, most of my client work is hidden due to NDA
but chances are high you stumbled across some of them in your daily life.


Pixonoid produces  user interface & experience,
3D-modeling & animation, virtual & augmented reality,
3D-visualizations, visual identity and webdesign