Pixonoid | About
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User Experience and Visual Design
3D Realtime and Rendering
Concept and Prototyping

Pixonoid | pix·o·noid | Pixeled Mind

I’m a multidisciplinary designer specialised on high performance
real-time 3D user experience & visual design.
Concept, design and development for almost every form
of user experience and entertainment since 2005.

Since 2010 i am working on award winning UI/UX design,
concept and final series productions for major international
car manufacturers and the entertainment industries.


By offering a network of very talented people from concept, design, graphics coding,
software development, illustration, gaming, film and UI/UX,
i make sure my clients always get the best available solution, technology and quality.


Have a look around my portfolio, most of my client work is hidden due to NDA
but chances are high you stumbled across some of them in your daily life.